November 27, 2010

Chanele Rose Flowers & Styling Business Acheiver Awards Winners 2010- FLORIST

We attended the Fairfield Advance- Business Acheiver Awards Dinner Last night,
It was an awesome night indeed!!

It was quite humbling to have been nominated by our clients for this award - just to have
the nominations for me was quite an acheivement in itself..
So ofcourse I dragged along my awesome team along for the night out and
a bit of fun.  We had absolutely no idea what was to eventuate from all this, but was happy to
go along for the ride nonetheless..

I must it was a little nail biting.. leading up to our catergory of Florists..
Drumroll and the Winner is : Chanele Rose Flowers & Styling
Can't quite remember what happened next, everything was a bit of a blur,
I could have fainted then and there, can't even remember what I said in the speech accepting the
award, trying to hold back tears & nerves and contain myself all at the same time..   BLUR!
Chanele rose flowers & styling Winner 2010 BAW- Florist

Chanele rose flowers & styling
This was a pic of Mary & I accepting the award, Just a little emotional to say the least. Gosh I wish had composed myself a little better to give a better speech! mmm.. maybe next time?
Chanele rose flowers & styling
Being nominated for the Business achiever awards was awesome but Winner this award is Priceless!

Lina Bteddini and Najey Bteddini of Chanele Rose Flowers & Styling
A highlight of the night was Lachlan Daddo- presenting the awards & presenting the flowers we
supplied for the event

Fairfield Advance Business acheiver awards 2010- presenter Lachlan Daddo
Fairfield Advance Business Acheiver awards 2010
Gladioli & Dahlia arrangements
A little something we prepared earlier..
just a few bouquet prizes for the deserving winners!

Oh what a night

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