February 20, 2010

The stunning couple - bridal pics bouquets and arm sheafs

Thanks Margarite & Ryan for sharing your gorgeous pics with us!
We love them..

February 14, 2010

999 Roses - One Crazy Valentines' Day!

We have always been huge advocates for Love & Romance-
this is probably why we chose to stick with Decorating Weddings
& Events!

Never was very keen on the whole Valentines' day thing as you
probably already know it is all very commericial-
I am sure St Valentine' must have had the $$ Dollar signs in his eyes
when he named February 14th- Valentine's day..

The way I see it is - you don't need to wait til 14 Feb to vow your love to
someone it can be anyday, everyday - and preferrably
as spontaneous as possible!

But we LOVE a challenge so when we received a call for an
Order for 999 Red roses on a Heart shaped wreath-
I must say, at first I thought the guy was pulling my leg..
But when the order was confirmed with full payment
my mind Boggled - where do we start? how can we make this work?
what materials will we need to use??

After 3 days of preparations, working out the logistics and
of course hard work - I was quite happy with the final result..

999 red roses symbolises ones' eternal & everlasting love
used widely in Asian & other cultures as a way of proposal

We used white pearl beading for a special touch...
It weighed a tonne but well worth the effort!

February 08, 2010

Bright & bubbly Wedding bouquets

We love the use or various shades of colours & textures in flowers and depending on what you combine
you can literally come up with a different look every single time!

Here we used various shades of orange, lime green & yellow- which created a gorgeous Autumn look bouquet!

I like to think of these as Tutti frutti colours - They just make you want to smile when you see these
bright colours together..

Aren't they all adorable!
I think I got a little clucky again..
Oh no!

Phalaenopsis Orchid Wedding/ Bridal bouquet

Nikolina's first words to me were - "I am not fussy- about my Wedding flowers"
and yet she chose to go with the Phalaenopsis White orchids in a teardrop style bouquet!
Too funny..... Phalaenopsis are only the most expensive flowers available on the market at any
given time, at any time of the year - so if you are on a tight budget - this is not an option for you!

Phalaenopsis Orchid Butthonhole for the Groom!

Phalaenopsis orchids bouquet
Phalaenopsis Teardrop bouquet with trailing White Singapore orchids and mixed green foliage-
Xanadu leaves, Fan palm & Cordalyne leaves.

The Stunning bride!

February 07, 2010

Baby Christening - Chair covers & Venue decorations..

We fell in love with recent decorations for a Baby boy christening we did at Vinnie's
We used high quality White tie back chair covers with Pale blue organza bows 
alternating with Champagne Satin tie down sashes with blue branch beads
The venue was transformed into simply stunning!

Flowers & Events
Sydney- Wide

February 06, 2010

Napkin flowers table decorations, chair covers etc

With most Asian style Weddings - the meals are served as a Banquet style wih a revolving table in the centre
of a table -so the choices of Table centrepieces are quite limited- Which is why some people opt for Napkin or a side plate flowers instead- Moving away from the traditional scattered rose petals - and something a little different is a why we chose to use - Singapore & alternate vanda orchids set on a bed of cinnimon sticks
& satin/ organza ribbons..

Cake flowers arranged for 3 tier Wedding Cake- with Lilies, singapore orchids, vanda orchids & trailing ivy
Asian theme Wedding - flowers on side plate napkin arrangement with cinnamon sticks

Bridal table - Long & low arrangements with trailing Ivy and flowers scattered across the remaining Bridal table

Round posy bouquet with lithianus, lavender roses,Vendela cream roses & mauve colours

Variuos buttonholes, corsages & flowergirl wandCute change from Flowergirl basket-
A Flower girl wand - a popular choice amongst the Little princesses!
 Congratulations Lisa & Russell!