February 14, 2010

999 Roses - One Crazy Valentines' Day!

We have always been huge advocates for Love & Romance-
this is probably why we chose to stick with Decorating Weddings
& Events!

Never was very keen on the whole Valentines' day thing as you
probably already know it is all very commericial-
I am sure St Valentine' must have had the $$ Dollar signs in his eyes
when he named February 14th- Valentine's day..

The way I see it is - you don't need to wait til 14 Feb to vow your love to
someone it can be anyday, everyday - and preferrably
as spontaneous as possible!

But we LOVE a challenge so when we received a call for an
Order for 999 Red roses on a Heart shaped wreath-
I must say, at first I thought the guy was pulling my leg..
But when the order was confirmed with full payment
my mind Boggled - where do we start? how can we make this work?
what materials will we need to use??

After 3 days of preparations, working out the logistics and
of course hard work - I was quite happy with the final result..

999 red roses symbolises ones' eternal & everlasting love
used widely in Asian & other cultures as a way of proposal

We used white pearl beading for a special touch...
It weighed a tonne but well worth the effort!

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