August 13, 2010

My Floral Inspirations love has rubbed off- I am sure!

Phalaenopsis orchids and roses bouquet

Coral watermelon bridesmaids dress with matching bouquets

Feedback from my previous bride Anna:
I always look back at some of the photos of the flowers
(bouquets & the buttonholes) and I get mesmerized again 
and it just makes my day! Thanks again

Feedback like this, really makes my day too -
And Thank you so much for sharing your absolutely stunning photos with us..
I love them all!!

I am eternally mesmerized by flowers, each beautiful and unique in their own way..
The amazing shades of colours, textures and fragrances..
Something as simply as a daisy takes me back to my childhood when we
chanted "He loves me - He loves me not" the amazing Blossom trees currently in season
where I see neighbors stop dead in their tracks to stare and admire their beauty
which only grace us for a few short weeks each year.. I could go on and on and on------

But nothing quite starts my heart racing as much as a gorgeous red rose -
which also takes me back to my Wedding day - over a decade ago now.
So Anna I can totally relate to how you feel, and am so blessed that you feel that way
and hope you have many years of fond memories to keep you forever mesmerized

Calla lily and roses bouquets

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