June 07, 2010

Chaircovers and Candelabras' decorations at Oliveto Restaurant Rhodes

For those of you that think we only decorate weddings - 
well this could not be further than the truth!
Our team is dedicated to decorating any special event, 
corporate event, or personal party..

Last Sunday, we arranged Chair covers and Candelabra's 
for the lovely Jana - Her sons' Holy Communion after party 
Dinner at Oliveto's restaurant at Rhodes...
She chose a navy blue theme, and while I tried to rack my 
brain as to what flowers to use they were there all along staring me 
in the face.. Ofcourse the Winter Blue Iris & dendrobium Blue orchids..  
Oriental lilies  & baby breath - was so fitting as it was for a young boy!

White draping chair covers with Blue satin sashes & stunning tall Candelabras with Flower arrangements..

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