June 01, 2010

Tulips Wedding Bridal bouquets with Bling a ling ling...

Tulips or "tulipa" are a bulbous flowering plant. Tulips are the national Flowers of the Netherlands.  I have fond memories of seeing vast, stunning displays of these with the Windmills high above during my past travels through Europe..  

They remind me very much of Spring and are associated widely with Spring Weddings, however they do not like warmer temperatures or heat which causes them to droop and loose their petals so the only time that Tulips can be recommended to be used in Bridal work is Late Autumn and Winter.. as they are so free spirited and grow  even when they are cut blooms the chances of them moving out of place when constructed and fully wired into place for Wedding bouquets is highly likely.

If you had your heart set on a perfectly rounded style posy bouquet it is unlikely 
that will be the case on your actual Wedding date if you want to use Tulips.

However, I think we managed to get these Tulips for Elsas' Weddings pretty close
to a round posy as possible.. 

You can view more of our work online at:


Congratulations on your Wedding Elsa & Ivan!

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