April 10, 2010

There's something about Autumn - Wedding flowers

It's not only Spring that produces great Flowers, not in the least.
There is something about Autumn, somehow words can't describe..
The falling of the leaves, the colours and textures are just so romantic and special.
The rich orange tones, reds, browns and yellows drive me nuts!

 - Calla Lily orange/copper tones 
& hypericum red berry on Magnolia leaf

 Calla Lily teardrop bouquet

- Bouquet includes - 
Orange/copper Calla lilies, 
Chateau late roses, 
Magnolia leaves & 
Hypericum berries 

 I came across this beautiful poem which I feel describes the mood of Autumn perfectly
Written by Wang Wei (Chinese) translated by Edward Chang :

After the rain, the empty mountain at dusk is full of autumn air.
A bright moon shines between the pines;
The clear spring water glides over the rocks.
Bamboo leaves rustling —
the washer-girls bound home.
Water lilies swaying —
a fisher-boat goes down.
Never mind that spring plants are no longer green.
They are saying I am here to stay my noble friends!

Thanks Wang - I hope others fully appreciate your poem..

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