April 03, 2010

Frangipani Wedding bouquets for Bridal

Frangipanis (better known as Plumeria- Botanical name) are native to Laos (Near Thailand)
Over the past two decades have become increasing popular in Australia & many other tropical countries.

Fresh Frangipanis' are not Ideally the best flowers to use in Bridal bouquets as they do not tend to last out of water for too long. Quickly the edges form a shade of brown and they excrete a milky sap once cut from their plant.

However to achieve a very real look we used fresh Frangipani & gardenia leaves with the premium quality latex Frangipanis'.  We also added a touch of Frangipani oils to them so that they even smell life-like!

Here we have added some pictures of a recent Frangipani Wedding / Bridal Bouquets we put together for
Kylie's Wedding..

Frangipani teardrop bouquet- above

Frangipani posy bouquet - above

Frangipani Buttonhole - above

& very cute baby Frangipani Wrist corsage - Left


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  1. Wow! That wedding bouquet is really elegant. Thumbs up for sharing this to us.