September 13, 2011

Tangled up in Blue- A tribute to Bob Dylan

Tangled up in blue
The ideas behind the Styling in our Tangled up in blue shoot was sparked 
by the idea of using various vases, flutes to co-ordinate with the beautiful 
wholesome charm of a venue – Instead of using the traditional glass ware for styling a Wedding for centrepieces,  To think a little out of the box and use an eclectic mix of metallic containers ranging from silver footed tea pots to antique brass vessels with Flowers flowing out of the vessels to take on the feel of the surroundings. 
Hues of Blues, Burgundy  scheme enhanced the outdoor surroundings with
Beautiful Spring feel of Anemones, Sweet peas,  Snapdragons and  Delphiniums used throughout.

Hannah our photographer suggested we name our shoot “Tangled up in blue” 
after the Bob Dylan song which was just so fitting with the feel of this shoot -  
If I hadn’t heard it so many times before, I would have thought the phrase “better together” was coined for the Individuality of each couple. This very cool couple are so happy together, it is so evident when you are in the same room with them together – I have had this feeling with so many of my clients and love how they bounce off each other when you first meet them.  

Tangled up in blue

The feel of Tangled up in Blue is about a couple which happened 
to meet when both of them were in a place of “self discovery” and looking 
to make some positive changes in their lives. 
They go their separate ways but strangely something keeps 
driving them back to each other lives- when they chatted and realized 
they had so many important things in common and were absolutely on the 
same path in their lives, and cannot imagine life without the other!

They formed a bond and have not looked back. They’ve been hand in hand 
on that path ever since!

It is a dreamy feeling for me to be a part of this couples’ wedding day!
Much Love! xo

Hannah Lundberg Photography:
Chanele Rose Flowers & Styling:
Helen Sotis hair & make up: 
Gown: Souraya Bridal and evening wear:
Stationary: Majestic Invitations:
Venue: Mamre Homestead:
Model: Andrijana Cica


  1. So lovely how the florals and the metallic finishes both contrast and complement each other!