June 26, 2011

Inspired by an Icon - Elizabeth Taylor

Icon photo via VintageCulture.net & via dreamdress.wordpress.com
Today I am greatful for Liz Taylor!

Although she caused a stir in her day with her eight marriages,
we just cannot deny that The amazing Elizabeth Taylor inspired us all
with ther impeccable bridal styles and effortless grace..

I am certainly inspired by her gorgeous Hair flowers she used in many
of her Weddings, The beautiful "Rapunzel" look in image one - was this
were Walt Disney found the inspiration for Tangled- I Wonder?

Also in Image two- the Beautiful big Halo - Hair wreath of flowers- Just stunning
also just seen recently in the Royal wedding with the Flower girls.
The flowers in the hair are a feminine touch yet inspired by that old vintage glamour..

Love Liz!


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