May 02, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Kate & Will ;))))


kate's bouquet - image by flower expert

Along with the 2Billion other viewers- We did watch the Royal Wedding!!  How could you not miss that... just amazing footage..We were sitting at the edge of our seats  admitedly with our Tiars & fascinators
in tow .. :)

There was such a lot of excitement building especially when her stunning sister arrived with the gorgeous little flower girls..  The Little hair wreaths and tiny little posies were just so adorable!!

We just loved Kate's gown... Amazing the beautiful lace finish- Stunning!
Just a little dissapouinted with the flowers & decorations..  just expected a little more....
Being the Royal wedding & all!!
Although you must keep in mind the reasoning behind the flower choices...

Kate Middleton’s bouquet was created by her floral designer, Shane Connolly.
There are a few interesting facts about Kate’s bouquet, and some ideas you
may wish to incorporate into your own wedding perhaps??

Just thought we would ouline the Bridal bouquet here for you all just in case you were wondering???
Mostly created of lily of the valley, a traditionally used bloom in Royal weddings past, the lily of the valley symbolizes trust. A sprig of myrtle, symbolizing love was also a traditional addition.

Upon Queen Victoria’s marriage, a myrtle tree was planted from the sprig in her bouquet, and has since been pruned and incorporated into Queen Elizabeth II and Diana, Princess of Wales bouquets’.

Sweet William flower was also incorporated along with hyacinth, meaning unobtrusive loveliness.
One thing you do notice is that her bouquet was not a huge, dramatic display of florals that we saw with Diana, Princess of Wales’ bouquet.

With her delicate dress, it was a nice compliment to her gown, not too overpowering &
overstated a little like her- Very fitting to her personality I am thinking!!.

In tradition, Kate’s bouquet was placed at the tomb of the unknown warrior,
a tradition dating back to the 1920′s.

So you are thinking of taking some Wedding inspiration from the Royal Wedding?
  • Ask your floral designer to create a bouquet with locally grown blooms that are in season.
  • Choose flowers within the “launguage of flowers.”
  • Take a cutting or a sprig of plant from your Mother’s or Grandmother’s yard to incorporate into your bouquet.
  • Be sure your bouquet compliments your dress style and your body stature
  • Be your own trend setter and take some inspiration from your favourite icons!!
  • Are Tiara's & Veils back in... what will you choose to?
What are your thoughts, Were you impressed by the Royal Wedding??

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