March 29, 2011

Oh how we love thee... Doltone house Sydney Loft room ;D

I was both so honoured and privileged to take part in the Gorgeous
Julie & Phill's Wedding day last weekend.  The Bride "Julie" being
very dear to me on so many levels.. Friend & Family!
Let's just say we have been through a lot together. Fun, joy, happy moments
and sad moments.. And when her Prince Phillip (charming Farmer boy of
Scottish decent) came along and swept her off her feet we all could not be more
thrilled for my gorgeous little Cuz!!!

doltone decorations

I am soo glad Julie' shared such good taste in styling her Wedding
we chose a tall pilsner vases with Floral features of groupings ( a very modern
and gorgeous approach to a centrepiece)  Basically this would look very different
for each person sitting at each table, it creates a great talking point at a wedding
that the person on the opposite side of the table will have a very different side
of the arrangement to look at!! 

Navy blue themed wedding

tall centrepieces sydney reception
flower grouping centrepiece
Doltone house loft room decorations

celosia smokebush roses and brunei centrepiece

We just love flowers of interest!!!  Celosia, brunei berries, Smoke bush, vendella roses
& gum sets a scene of dramatic ellegance with the base lights which would light up
the vase when the lights have dimmed brings an amazing mood to the wedding!!

 Also the Bridal table was adorned with the most stunning fishbowl arrangements
which included succulents, brunei berries and vendella roses with spanish moss.. All Class..
succulent wedding flowers

succulents & roses fishbowl arrangements


succulent wedding flowers

Here are some other stunning pics my fabulous colleague & friend Kieu took
of the bouquets ceremony decorations and also the cake table!!

wedding decorations sydney doltone
We used the Eiffle tower statue to decorate the entrance table as this was how Mr Phill decided to
propose on bended knee- a very romantic story which may need it's very own blog post one day.. maybe..

modern grouped floral arrangement

modern urn flowers

chair pew flowers
Congrats to my gorgeous baby girl Jules & Phill xx

Yes I know what your thinking... How lucky are they to have me do her flowers for her...
Yes I know, but I am also very lucky to have them both in our life also!!

More photos to come with the bridal party from the lovely
Odette Oliveira fom



  1. OMG - those flowers look just amazing!!!!

  2. That scottish bloke named Phil sounds like a real top bloke...where can I meet more farmers like him????

  3. Thank you!!!
    Oh I'm sorry that Scottish ooops I meant Irish
    bloke is now spoken forx

    Shame Phil & Phil would have been great together what a coincedence you share the same name LOL!!