January 23, 2011

Orange and Green Wedding flowers anyone??

Over a year ago now Vi came to see me to arrange her Flowers for her Engagement party,
Today it was my pleasure to arrange her flowers for her Wedding day!!

I feel like I am almost part of the family now since I have know Vi she has been
a breath of fresh air..  An absolutely gorgeous girl marrying a very dashing groom today..
I am soo happy for these two love birds!!

For Vi's Wedding she chose a colour scheme of Lime green and Orange flowers to co-ordinate
with the Bridesmaids gowns - not the traditional colours for a Wedding, but very striking none-the-less.
We chose orange Calla lilies in season from our Local Melbourne Growers mixed with imported
Green cymbidium orchids for the Bride and groom and Dendrobium green orchids forthe Bridal party..

orange and green wedding flowers

sriking wedding flowers

wedding flowers with bling sydney

autumn bridal bouquets

 I chose a dark rhubarb cordalyne leaf feature skirting base with touches of gold embelishments to accent
the colours of the cymbidium orchid  throats, which gave way for an autumn look to these stunning bouquets..

These colours were also used to flow through to the Church decorations at Our lady of Mount Carmel and reception at the Crystal palace Canley Heights....

Here are some of the pics of Vi's Wedding arrangements:
which included Lime celosia, crysanthemums, tiger lilies, gerbera, gladioli, dendromium orchids,
heliconas, lotus pods, green willow with tall cordalyne..
church arrangements sydney

lotus cake spray

Our lady of Mount Carmel church flowers
Crystal palace Wedding flowers
Congratulations to a gorgeous couple..
Wishing you many more years of fond memories!!

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