July 12, 2010

Mary Immaculate Church Wedding decorations & pew ends

There is something about decorating a beautiful church 
Like Mary Immaculate at Waverely that just brings me such a 
warm & fuzzy feeling of peace..

As soon as you walk into this gorgeous Historical building and 
take in the beauty of the stain glassed windows and Old antique style furnishings & gold finishings you get an overwhelming sense 
that you could possibly be in heaven!

We were very exciting to take a part in the Wedding of Nimali & Joe 
which took place last weekend, Here are some of the photos of the 
final result decorations including pew ends alter arrangements and 
chair covers we provided for their special day.

The theme was very natural & puristic white with draping Ivy..

Mary Immaculate church Waverley Wedding decorations

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