December 15, 2009

Teardrop Bouquet - Still My favourite

Teardrop bouquets are generally have a lot more detail and take a lot longer to construct- Hence the price difference between this and the Natural stem round Posy bouquets.. A good bouquet should look even and well balanced and be as light as possible to carry!  When determining the size of your Bouquet - should should first consider your body frame and the size of your skirt. A teardrop bouquet generally has a dome shaped top and trails gradually to a point at the bottom..  it is designed in an Oasis foam generally each Flower, bud and Leaf is wired  and glued individually so that it does not fall apart.. which is generally time consuming but the Final result - Very Worthwhile!
The giving of Flowers, Gifts & jewelery is a Customary tradition among many traditions! Vi was kind enough to share with us her Stunning Photos of her Engagement..
Thanks Vi- Your both Make such a Stunning Couple and we wish you all the best for your Future together! We are looking forward to your Upcoming Wedding..


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    Nice to meet some people who like flowers, particularly roses.. ma present to you...