October 09, 2009

Funeral Tributes

Funerals are a sad time for all!
But somehow the giving of flowers at this time truly shows just how much you care and that you empathase through their time of mourning.

There are many kinds of funeral flower arrangements, Most popular being the wreath.
A wreath is a circular floral arrangement made of various flowers and greenery. It is believed that the funeral wreaths circular shape symbolizes eternal life. Another kind of funeral flower arrangement is the floral stand. The floral stand is a floral arrangement that is put on a stand; its only visible side is the front. A very common floral stand design among Christian's is the cross shaped design or otherwise would be a Casket spray with placed upon the coffin at a wake.

Sending funeral flowers often display to the family members how important and how they are to you  and that you care deeply for the person who has passed on, and are always very much appreciated by the family members!

(the other half  on his way to a delivery)

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