July 15, 2011

Ballet Themed Wedding & Styling

When the beautiful Candice Lee emailed  Bailie & I a few months back
I just knew this was going to be amazing..  Her words were
"I have been dreaming about a Ballet Themed Wedding"
 Candice is an amazing talented young lady and one of the best hair stylist
I have worked with - she has also started up a gorgeous new
accessories business which I know you will all just love- check it out here! 
Ballet Brides

Chanele Rose Flowers &Styling/ Chair by Chair covers & Candelabras
"When looking for inspiration I found myself looking at ballerinas, which led to brides in the fullest tulle skirts, layers of ruffles and delicate flowers all oozing femininity....  It seemed like a perfect match to combine the vision of a elegant blushing bride with the beauty and gracefulness of a prima ballerina."  

Ballet theme

"Images came to mind of the bride every young girl would have wanted to become but needed to breathe life into it, in a way that would appeal to her more mature self by adding touches of vintage charm."  Quotes Candice 

gown by Vellos Bridal & hair accessories by Candice Lee

Flowers & Styling by Chanele Rose Flowers

Gown by Vellos Bridal Stationary by Majestic Invitations

Chanele Rose Flowers & Styling, Vellos Gown

I loved every last detail and working alongside these great
professionals inspired by the love of "The Ballet"

Photography by Bailie : www.bailie.com.au
Hair by Candice : www.candicelee.com.au
Styling & Flowers by Lina : www.Chanelerose.com.au
Venue Mamre Homestead: www.mamre.com.au
Gowns by Maria : www.Vellosbridal.com.au
Make up by Tara: www.embellishhairandbody.c​om.au
Stationery by Jessica : www.majesticinvitations.co​m.au
Accessories by : www.candicelee.bigcartel.c​om
Chair hire by :www.cc-c.com.au
Models: Lila Swain, Brianna Bond, Zoey (little Ballerina)

More photos can be seen here!
We hope you Enjoy these beautiful images.. pssst...There are more to come!!  :)

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