November 14, 2010

Bouquets with succulents...

Last weekend I had the pleasure of putting together a few samples of Bridal bouquets
to match a few of Amy Oram of "TEEKI's" dresses

 This bouquet was designed to match a gorgeous long draped coral dress:
In this bouquet we used lime hydrangeas, white calla lilys, chincherinchees, white atiko
roses and natural succulents and skirted with peiris, I loved this combination of neutral
colours and textures with a little bling detail on the stems made for a perfect Bridal bouquet!!

succulent bouquet

succulent buttonhole

The matching buttonhole included a similar combination with miniture succulent, calla lily,
chnincherinchee & Peiris, lined with some pearl details..

Here is a close up of the bouquet again:
hydrangea bouquet with calla lilys, roses and succulents - website soming soon!!!
Flowers & buttonholes- Chanele rose flowers & styling
Shirts and ties : 3wisemen (
Hat : Brixton Hooligan Hat from Strand Hatters (
Umbrella : Fifi in beige (
Suits : models own

Other details...
Stylist : Amy Oram (
Photographer : Bailie Photography (
Photographers assistant : Clarzzique (
Makeup : Katy Moore (for enquiries please contact
Hair : Candice Lee (
Models : Amber Bernauer, Matt Robertson



 More photos still to come!




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